About Intex Consultancy


Welcome to Intex, where integrity and excellence are standard!

We provide a professional and comprehensive Quality, Environmental, Health, Safety (QEHS) and Business Improvement consultancy service, to support your business, to meet its business goals and achieve the very highest standards of compliance and issue management.

We are able to use our significant experience gained across most industry sectors, both in the UK and globally, to ensure you are provided with the very best advice, guidance, support and systems to ensure you can get on with the job of running your business operation in an efficient and profitable manner.

We have the experience to identify innovative solutions and approaches that achieve the required goal, and that do not leave you with an increased burden upon your already stretched operational teams.  We seek to simplify not complicate!

We believe that you will find, when working with us, a sense of relief that a fresh approach is taken, to what has often been onerous requirements placed upon you from the more traditional approaches to QEHS.

We suggest you contact us to begin this process.